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The Society of Professional McKenzie Friends Ltd.


We are the Society of Professional McKenzie Friends.

Our members offer a low cost alternative to instructing a solicitor.

All are insured, competent professionals you can rely on.


Instead of instructing a solicitor or barrister, some people choose to represent themselves at court, in which case they are entitled to the reasonable assistance of a friend (known as a McKenzie Friend).


Solicitors and Barristers must adhere to standards of conduct and there are regulatory bodies to ensure that they do. but there is no equivalent  regulator controlling the activities of McKenzie Friends. Anyone can call themselves a McKenzie Friend.


That is why this McKenzie Friends Directory exists, to protect you, the consumer. We ensure our members are competent, insured, and comply with court rules and good practice.


On this website you will find our Directory of approved McKenzie Friends, the standards you can expect of  them, and a complaints procedure for those occasions when they fail to live up to those standards.



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As things are the cost of professional legal help very quickly spiral out of control and beyond the means of the average person like me. In my experience the judge courted the view of my mckenzie friend on more than occasion which was a reflection of how he had helped me present by arguments.


Read more previous customer comments here, and this independent report: which concludes: The findings overall suggest that customers find the SPMF service to be beneficial.”

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