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The Society of Professional McKenzie Friends Ltd.

Download and Complete an application form and submit it to us. Download format options:

Word (docx)

Word (97-2003 version) (doc)



You can submit it to us either:


By email to  or


By post to:

The Society of Professional McKenzie Friends Ltd

11 Windsor Gardens,




Once your application is approved, we shall send you details for paying the annual membership fee.

Benefits of membership


1)     Up-to-date information on the best deal for Professional Indemnity Insurance.

2)     Your name on the SPMF website, likely to attract customers to you because:

a.     It is designed to respond to a Google search for "McKenzie Friend" & variants.

b.    Membership of SPMF will give re-assurance to prospective customers of your competence and professionalism.

3)    Increased likelihood of courts trusting you, as a member, to undertake tasks normally reserved to those     

        with rights of audience and litigation.

4)    An increasingly positive perception of SPMF members by the wider legal community.

Aims of the Society

In 2014, The Legal Services Consumer Panel recommended the formation of a Trade Association for Fee-charging McKenzie Friends, and the Legal Services Board endorsed that recommendation. The Society was formed in response to the report. It is designed to be the Trade Association envisaged by paragraphs 6.10 – 6.13 of the Consumer Panel’s report, and by the Board’s response, which can be summarised as:


Self-regulation by McKenzie Friends based on sound principles.

Create a register of McKenzie Friends to which courts and advice organisations can refer.

Create a code of conduct  which covers, as well as court procedure:

o terms of business,

o  marketing,

o  pricing,

o  data protection,

o  complaints handling

o accreditation of members

o Professional Indemnity Insurance











Cost of membership


£120.00 for first year.  You would probably recover this amount if membership brings you just one new customer.  Annual renewal for subsequent years is currently set at just £30.00


SPMF Ltd is incorporated as a not-for-profit Company, and is run voluntarily by members. Membership fees are used to pay for insurances, fees to ICO & Companies House, Domain and Hosting charges, and online advertising when required (Google ads)



How to join, and why you should

How to Join: